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Posted on 22 March, 2018 at 1:50

So, your big day is approaching and most of your planning has been carried out.  You are looking for something special for your Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Mothers.

I think it is a nice touch to give something that is sentimental that can be kept forever. Whilst flowers are absolutely gorgeous I always think Jewellery has a special meaning and with the TROLLBEADS they are items you can personalise to each individual.  Such a novel idea.  I say novel but they have been creating these since 1976.

For example you could arrange for bracelets for the wedding party ladies.  TROLLBEADS currently have an amazing offer whereby you spend £80 and get a Bracelet for Free.  You can then select some beads to suit each person individually, each of the beads have different stories and meanings behind them.  The great thing about it is the Bridesmaids can then add a collection to their bracelet, each bead, stone or spacer represents something significant. 

There are also some gorgeous Mens collections with leather and beads that can be personalised to suit your Groomsman, Ushers, Pageboys and Male Party Members.

As the bride, you could opt for a bracelet too and add in the beads that possibly match with your colour scheme or compliment them.  There is a bead called Feldspar Moonstone Bead which is very calming and healing which is perfect for your wedding day to keep the nerves at bay a little bit.  Moonstone is also a fertility stone and works on this chakra point on the body.  

Another bead that is perfect either for the wedding party or yourself as the bride is the Rose Quartz Bead.  Rose Quartz dispels negativity as a healing stone and is the stone of Love.  What a perfect stone to have on your wedding day.  Maybe mix in with some Pearl Beads. 

The Diamond Bead would be divine on your wedding day after all "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend"

There are some really delicate Rosa Pearl Beads with the pink tones and White Pearl Beads where mixed together would look beautiful for your wedding day It is said that pearls are the tears of heaven caught by the ocean, or simply the delicate reflection of the moon.  Add in some additional spacers or charms such as the Budding Love to your Bridal Bracelet.

Link in the bracelet with Necklace and Earrings either with Studs or Drop Earrings and rings.  I particularly love the Peacock Pearl Round Drops.  Peacock pearls represent mystery, independence and strength and they could represent your "something blue".  Great if you have a colour scheme to compliment those too and an alternative to the traditional white pearls.  The possibilities are endless.  So much to choose from and I have a wishlist as long as my arm.

It doesnt stop there at necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, they have come up with such a fantastic idea.  So you purchase your Tiara then select your Beads and make your own Tiara.  Personalised to you, each bead and charm and spacer representing something significant and something original that nobody else has.  There is a Royal Spacer perfect for the up and coming Royal Marriage in May.

I will go into more detail at a later date on how to create your own Tiara with the TROLLBEADS as I think it is something fabulous that my brides are going to absolutely love and so unique and meaningful.  But click on the image below and take a look at the Tiara Making options.  

There are also some beautiful options for beach weddings which I would like to cover on a later blog as there are so many alternatives including the Rocky Beach Bead Kit below and the Beach Bead Kit above.

The lovely thing about the TROLLBEADS is you have complete control over your jewellery look for your Wedding Day whether statment or delicate the choice is entirely yours

Take advantage of these fantastic offer whilst you can, I know I will be xx

Love Jules x



Posted on 21 March, 2018 at 15:50

As part of my Bridal Business it is really important that my Brides are able to get their skin in the optimum condition ready for their Wedding Day.

Not only is this lovely for pampering purposes but it is also important to get the skin perfected so that the makeup sits beautifully on the skin and that the skin is as clear as possible.

Rodial have the most beautiful skincare products which I am so excited about anyway but they also have some gorgeous Makeup perfect for your wedding day.

The Dragon's Blood Skincare is fantastic which instantly smoothes and firms the skin.  This range is ideal for those looking to treat loss of elasticity in the skin, suffering from dry or sensitive skin and wishing to firm and plump sagging facial contours.

Rodial now also have a beautiful Makeup range which I am really excited about. 

Their products are fantastic and the makeup is yet another way for brides to have that radiant and flawless look on their wedding day. 

If you click on the Makeup Link below Rodial currently have 50% off makeup if you pop the code in MAKEUP50 within the next 48 hours.  Definitely worth investing in.  I will be talking in more detail about the Rodial Products at a later date but just had to share this with you all.

With Love

Jules xxx


Posted on 15 March, 2018 at 14:00

Well, Spring is here or just around the corner anyway and it is the time that we all decide to clear out our closets and Spring Clean our Clothing, Household items and Skincare and Makeup.

Investing in a good Makeup Brand and the tools that work with that brand is a great place to start.  

If you are looking for a beautiful daytime to evening look there are a few trustworthy tips that ensure longevity and a flawless and seamless look.

A good skincare regime is the basis for a beautiful makeup look and later on I will blog about skincare options available for you.  But maybe trial out this travel pack to get your skin into optimum condition Charlotte Tilbury Gift Set - Red Carpet Skin - Travel Kit with all the most beautiful products you could ever want.



Travel MULTI MIRACLE GLOW tube 15ml

Travel MAGIC CREAM pot 15ml

Travel WONDERGLOW tube 15ml

Travel SUPERMODEL BODY tube 15ml

Travel TAKE IT ALL OFF tube 15ml

For Makeup though the first option I would not be without is the Primer.  Primer is there to even out the complexion. There is a trial size Wonderglow Face Primer in the Kit above.

I always compare Priming to painting a wall.  Before you paint a wall, you need to clean the surface of the wall, prep and prime the surface so it is smooth and priming also ensures that there is a neutral base coverage stopping other colours and tones from showing through.  

Although, comparing your face to a wall is not the nicest analogy, it puts things in basic terms to understand why the Primer is really important.  It will make sure the different layers following it will adhere nicely to the face giving it staying power.

A good primer I would recommend for your New Spring Makeup Bag is the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow - Primer - 40ml this can be worn underneath the foundation as Primer or on it's own for a natural glow for an effortless dewy look.

To add additional coverage to the Primer the Foundation that works perfectly with this is the New Fabulous Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter 2 Light this can be blended in with the Light Wonder to amplify this Hollywood Starlet look applied with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Foundation Brush

To complete the look take a look at this fantastic kit which incorporates an eyeshadow palette, liner, mascara, blusher, lipstick with lipliner in the phenomenol Charlotte Tilbury The Naturally Beautiful Date Look Makeup Kits

This kit contains the best selling matte revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk alongside the Award Winning Full Fat Lashes Mascara.  The Feline Flick Calligraphy Pen is a wonderful liner to finish off this beautiful look with the fantastic Golden Goddess Luxury Palette which you can apply with the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Blender Brush blending beautifully into this gorgeous and pretty look. 

If you do wish to invest in anything a Good Set of Makeup Brushes are Essential to obtain an beautifull blended, sculpted and finished look.  My Favourite kit would have to be Charlotte Tilbury The Complete Makeup Brush Set - 8 Brushes these are to die for and cover every aspect of the makeup look needed for you to bounce into your new Springtime look.

The blusher gives a pop of colour on the cheeks.  This full kit could take you from daytime to evening really quickly and is a wonderful option for your new Spring Makeup Bag.

If you are looking for a beautiful makeup bag to place all of these gorgeous items into then Charlotte Tilbury does not finish there as she really knows how to accessorize in style with this Charlotte Tilbury Leather Makeup Bag it exudes class and extra sass.

Get a Free CT Bag Tag with every 50 ml Scent of a Dream purchase

Go on treat yourself it is a New Year, Spring into Action with a New Look and let me know what you think of these beautiful products or contact for advice on www.jlspecialoccasionlooks.co.uk/contact.

With Love Jules xxxxx

Spend £100 or over and you'll receive a FREE instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask*




Posted on 2 February, 2018 at 6:45


There are so many different trends out there at the moment for wedding makeup:-

Bohemian and Natural

1920s inspired Gatsby look with the fingerwaves and pop of colour on your lips

Vintage 1940s/50s retro inspired makeup

Charlotte Tilbury has come up with a fabulous regal inspired Lipstick Trio called Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service Royal Lipstick Trio

which covers all of those trends for brides but also taking you into every day events and special occasions.  Maybe something to look out for at The Royal Wedding this year in May!

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Legendary Queen is a soft neutral wine shade in the award-winning matte formula. This gorgeous lipstick will add a pop of subtle colour to your face that looks divine on everyone from 18-80.

Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen is the best-selling iconic lip shade in the can’t-live-without rosy, crown-jewel pink that instantly lifts and brightens your complexion. Wear this matte lipstick all year round for a timeless lip look.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in The Duchess is a charming tea-rose pink for a splendidly sophisticated lipstick look. In the sumptuous moisturising formula that will leave your lips kissably-soft, this pink lipstick is perfect for every royal outing in your diary!

Click on the link below these are gorgeous colours packaged beautifully and a must-have for every bride to be and fit for a Queen


With Love

Jules xx


Posted on 30 January, 2018 at 23:40

Guest Blogger

Beauty Abroad: Top Tips for your Destination Wedding

So, you’re jetting off somewhere fabulous to tie the knot? Lucky you!

But how do you make sure you look fabulous on your wedding day? With beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather,

The Wedding Secret have some tips for looking your best on your special day abroad.


Hot weather can play havoc with your hair and skin – not what any bride wants on her special day. If you are doing your own makeup at your destination wedding it is important to be prepared with some great products. Do your research on the climate; a great heat protector will keep your hair healthy in the bright sunshine whilst anti-frizz products are perfect when its humid. If you are taking regular dips in the pool, firstly, we are very jealous… but secondly, make sure you keep a great conditioner or hair mask to hand to keep it hydrated and in condition.

Our top tip for makeup would be keeping some translucent powder and blotting paper ready to keep a photo-ready, matte look. Finish it all off with a lightweight setting spray, holding it in place throughout the warmth. Jules would be delighted to give more insight in a consultation, so get in touch for advice on products.

Take A Masterclass

If the idea of planning products and looks for your special day doesn’t excite you, a pre-wedding masterclass is a great choice – and a lot of fun too. Tailored to your bridal style, this will guide you on the perfect look, how it’s done and what products to use. Jules is an expert with a lot of experience so this will definitely be the thing for you if you are feeling a little out of your depth.

Why not make a day of it and bring along the bridal party? Jules offers a friendly, informative class to set you at ease and have you applying makeup like a pro for the big day.

Pre-Wedding Treatments

If you want to feel glamourous from the get-go, we can recommend a couple of amazing pre-trip treatments. These will last long enough to keep you looking your best. Brow and lash tinting will enhance your natural, poolside beauty without smudges or touch-ups. Add that extra wedding wow-factor with Jules’s Express Lash service, giving you individual extensions that last 7-10 days.

Get holiday ready with a summer glow before you have even left home with a spray tan. This will save you from awkward sunbathing strap marks and make your wedding dress pop. Jules uses St Tropez, a professional brand that will have you feeling ready to jet off.

Plan Ahead

Wherever your destination wedding, there is a chance it will be lacking a local ‘Boots’ you can pop into if needed. Breakages happen - especially when travelling. If you are relying on that one perfect powder and it breaks in your bag (typical!) it will be practical to bring a backup. If you are a sunbathing lover, your skin tone may change. Prepare for this by bringing a few shades of foundation/concealer so you can mix your own colour, perfectly matching your tan.

Whilst you may develop a lovely tan, you are certainly not looking to be a sunburnt bride! A decent SPF is a “must-bring” for your wedding, but invest in the right one. Some products are known to look greasy or feel sticky, whereas others will feel luxuriously lightweight. Experiment with a few until you find your favourite.

Picking the Look

It is a given that you will want to look your very best on the big day, and we are sure you already have some looks in mind. Whether you have been online, flicking through magazines or checking out Jules’s gallery, you will have seen a few stand-out looks that are really “you”. For your wedding hair, you may have been inspired by intricate up-do styles and this is a great choice. Not only does wearing your hair up look elegant and chic, you will also feel much cooler in the heat without your hair down.

If you have your heart set on a long style for your destination wedding, beachy waves are a gorgeous classic. Think about your venue and the location and compliment it with your style. Another way to beat the heat is with a less heavy makeup look. It is important to think about how your makeup will last on your skin and make you feel in hot weather. The glamour of bold, red-carpet styles can be achieved with less heavy products, but maybe a subtler look will feel more lightweight?

Bring the Artist Along

Everything is perfectly in place for a stunning wedding, so why not take hair and makeup off the to-do list? You can truly relax with a professional by your side on the day, who understands your beauty vision and has the skills to make it a reality. Not only will Jules bring along her hair and makeup talents, you will also benefit from an incredible kit of products at your service. You will probably be planning on making a few beauty purchases for the big day, and now you can have a full range of supplies available.

What could be better than waking up on your wedding day with a guaranteed good hair day ahead? Bringing along your hair and makeup artist gives you much more freedom with hairstyle, as intricate looks can be very complicated. Your bespoke up-do, or beautiful long style will look professional and beautiful.

And finally…

We hope these Wedding Secret tips have given you some inspiration and guidance, but remember, you will nail your bridal look if you feel confident and at ease. Every bride is different, so our number one tip is to go for what makes you feel beautiful. It is your special day after all!

Caswell House

Posted on 8 December, 2015 at 7:45

As we are coming to the end of 2015 and a handful of weddings left until the New Year I would like to thank all of the lovely suppliers that I have worked with and beautiful brides.

I have received a link to a blog from a wedding at Caswell House this year which captured the day perfectly at one of my regular venues based in Oxfordshire by photographer Jon Harper and the fab videography that they offer


If you are looking to book for Bridal Hair and/or makeup please give me a call or come and see me at one of these beautiful venues in the New Year where I will be on hand to advise and book your wedding

Eynsham Hall - 10 January 2016

The Baytree Hotel, Burford - 28 February 2016

Bookings can be secured at the Wedding Fayre itself with a deposit.

Once confirmed I am on hand to advise an offer skincare in the lead up to the trial, hair cuts and conditioning treatments, brow and lash service and trial consultations including Accessory Advice and advice on any aspect of styling for the wedding.  Hair and Makeup Advice is on hand and I encourage all my brides to gather a porfolio of looks we can obtain for the big day

I look forward to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2016 to you all xx  love Jules


Posted on 25 November, 2015 at 3:55

Well I apologise for not updating this blog for a while.  It has been busy few months.

I've recently opened a small styling boutique on an appointment only basis.  The main reason for this was to have somewhere to hold my wedding trials, away from my home and so that I can keep home life and work life a little separate as I was finding myself sending quotations at 9 o'clock at night.

Taking on the boutique has been the best decision I have made and it has allowed me to offer appointments for other wedding related things.

Facials using Monu Skincare, Aromatherapy Massage for relaxation, Makeup Advice and Lessons on a one to one basis and mini workshops, Vintage Events and Christmas Parties.

As a result of this I have also become stockist of some amazing products which are great for weddings and everyday use.

I am now stockist of Lauren's Way Products.  Lauren is well known for being on The Only Way Is Essex and I had been asked several times if I would stock some of her products by several people.

I already use ST Tropez tanning and love it as stated below but I am now offering another option to those wanting an alternative.  I have the Christmas Tanning sets in the boutique alongside the Pump and Pout which is like collagen in a bottle and fab for a natural or nude lip and also some of the Lashes.  I will in the future also be offering clip in hair extensions on an order only basis for my brides who would like that added length and volume.  The hair is 100% remy human hair which is the best for being natural and adding heat.

Alongside these products I am now offering Glitterlips which is a fab 8 hour stay glitter to go over your lipliner and base for special events.  As worn on Strictly Come Dancing last weekend.

Esqido luxury lashes are available for £35 and are reusable up to 25 times and are mink lashes so no hard edges, for those of you that wear lashes everyday but dont want express or permanent lashes this is a fab alternative and a great price if you break it down to the wear you get from them. They come in a fantastic display box and I think these are wonderful for brides.

Art Deco Palettes are in and selling very well.  

I am also a proud stockist of Nanshy brushes cruelty free and amazing price.  They offer different sets and I have brush belts for sale, brushes, sponges and brush holder.

Call me on 07545706083 to make an appointment for any of these treatments or to come and purchase the gorgeous products.

There are lots more products in the boutique so pop in xxx



Posted on 17 June, 2015 at 2:00

Well you may well ask, why the heading ST Tropez.  No, unfortunately I have not been sunning myself in the South of France.  However I have been on ST Tropez Tanning Training which was held at the Hotel Du Vin in Cheltenham.  Beautiful Hotel very luxurious.

The training was fabulous.  I got to try out all the different products and see which ranges would be suitable for my Bride and Grooms, Prom Ladies and Gents and Hen Parties and Pre-Event services.

The reason I chose ST Tropez is because being a redhead I always struggled to tan and always wanted a tan because of that.  Although working on Vintage Looks it didnt really matter.

The ST Tropez Tan works with amino acids in your body so will only go as brown as your body would naturally turn if it were to tan gradually.

I wanted a system that I could offer as a Mobile Service as well as on site.

I also wanted something that was not orange and because of the pigmentation in ST Tropez it neutralises any kind of colour orange.  It also does not have that horrible Self Tan smell linked with DHA because it contains Aromaguard which removes 70% of that tell tale sign the kind of biscuit scent.

St Tropez has been the No 1 Tanning Product since it's Launch.  I have tried every single product on the market.  It has Kate Moss as the face of ST Tropez and she looks fantastic in all of the advertising Campaigns.  It is also used at London Fashion Week which shows that it is the system to use.

But for me to offer a system to my Client Base it had to be high end, upmarket, well known, tried and tested, natural paraben free only parabens from vegetables are used and a diverse range.

How diverse is this range?

They have a Senstive range which has no guide colour but it is good for a golden glow similar to 2 weeks in the Sun.  This is great for first timers and brides because it does not transfer onto clothing.  Although I would always recommend the tan a couple of days before the event anyway.

The gradual tan range is useful in between spray tans or if you were to go abroad and find that you do not tan very well.  You can use this every day to build up a nice natural colour and have control over the colour you wish to go.  This gives the natural sunkissed look.

The classic range has a guide colour which does turn really brown and stays on for 8 hours before you wash it off.  The guide colour is by no means the colour you will go it is purely there to make sure it has been applied evenly. This is a popular range too and gives a lovely golden glow.

The dark range can be used for regular tanners and for all skin types and will go to the optimum shade your natural skin can turn.

In between tans or if you are going on holiday how about using the latest In Shower Tanning Product.  You've heard it right.  You literally apply the product in the shower and lather up on your body and leave it for 3 minutes perhaps whilst doing a hair masque.  You then wash it off and watch it appear.  Amazing results and very natural and buildable.

Last but not least is the new Express Tan.  This to me is perfect for those not wanting to wait 8 hours for your tan to appear.  You have control over the strength of tan that you would like.

Leave it on for 1 hour and get a light tan

Leave it on for 2 hours for a medium tan

Or 3 hours for a darker tan

Just wash it off and go to your event with a lovely even tan to suit each person.

ST Tropez is a wonderful system, natural looking and safer than sitting out in the sun.  We all love our Vitamin D and obviously need it but sometimes we need a helping hand and boy does it make you feel good.

During the training we were models for each other so we have all come away with a glow about us !!!!

For more information and appointments please access my contact form to enquire about booking a tanning session in my Pop Up Tanning Booth.

Jules xxx


Posted on 26 May, 2015 at 3:05

Well, Monday 25 May 2015 Completed a week of Four Weddings for Me and Started off the new week very nicely indeed.

We trotted off from home with Glenda The Vintage Powder Room on her debut Wedding Fair Voyage.

We set Glenda up outside Eynsham Hall and she attracted a lot of attention and looked so pretty in such beautiful surroundings.

I offered hair and makeup for the Catwalk Show at the Wedding Fair and was able to run this outside Eynsham Hall in Glenda and it was nice for potential bride-to-be's to see her in action.

Lots of pics were taken and I will upload some onto here but I particularly liked this one by Tammyrazzi Wedding Photography who captured the spirit of Glenda and the wonderful day we had.

Glenda can be booked for any event, weddings, proms, boudoir shoots and pin up hair and makeup.  

Hen parties can hire her out at a venue of their choice to include hire of Caravan for five hours for £500 which includes hair and makeup service. Why not book Tammyrazzi Wedding Photography to come and shoot the hen party makeover shots.  Parties can be from your chosen era and the hair and makeup will be tailored to your theme.  Music will be played and fizz whilst we get you ready.  

Get in Contact for Further information.

The Best Upcoming Wedding Shows In The UK

Posted on 21 April, 2015 at 0:55

This is a post collaboration with Hanna Johnson, Mum of two, preparing for her unforgettable dream wedding ceremony. She decided to help you to find the best Wedding Show to get inspiration!

If you find yourself in the UK this year, you’re in luck because some of the world’s best wedding fairs and bridal shows are taking place there this year. Below you will find my top 5 wedding fairs in the UK in 2015:

The National Wedding Show in Birmingham - October 2nd to 4th

You will find everything you need at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham, the UK’s biggest wedding show. You can easily take a train from London to Birmingham online and be at the NEC center where the show is held in under an hour. You can try on dresses, book caterers, hire musicians and everything else you need for you very special day. There are over 300 wedding specialists, from florists to jewelers, bridal boutiques to photographers, and everything in between. Bring along the whole bridal party, it is sure to be a fun and constructive day for everyone!

London Wedding Show, January 30th to 31st (2016)

Head down to the heart of London’s East End for the London Wedding show. It takes place at the ExCel Centre, one of the city’s most elegant and state of the art event venues. Tickets cost just 8 pounds if you book ahead of time, or 10 pounds at the door. Over 100 of the regions best florists, bridal boutiques, photographers, wedding specialists and jewelers will be in attendance. So take your bridal party and plan your whole wedding together under one big, beautiful roof at the London Wedding Show.

Join us in the heart of London’s East End at the ExCeL Centre London for The London ExCeL Wedding Show from Saturday 30th January and Sunday 31st January 2016. This state of the art venue will showcase the latest products and services from over 100 of the regions finest wedding specialists offering everything you need for your special day.

Newcastle Wedding Show, January 16th to 17th (2016)

The Newcastle Wedding show is back for a 14th year of wedding showcasing. The event takes place in the heart of the city at the grand Metro Radio Arena. It is the biggest wedding show in northeast UK and over 100 wedding specialists will be present. Browse, book, try and buy for your very special day!

Liverpool Wedding Show, September 12th to 13th

This show is brought to you by Bliss Wedding Shows, the worldwide leaders in the industry. They aim to bring together the best international, national, and local wedding companies and specialists to that grooms, brides, bridesmaids, friends and family alike can meet the representatives under one roof. It is the perfect place to get together and start planning your wedding, and you will also meet people from all over the UK! Click here if you want to buy your tickets for Liverpool Wedding Show in advance.

Excel London Fair, April 18th - 19th

This is another wonderful event held at the ExCel Centre in London. The Excel London Wedding Fair offers everything from bridal catwalks shows to demonstrations on how bridal cake is made. It is like a fair for all involved in a wedding, offering fun activities like the creative brides craft corner, free tasting sessions and a champagne bar. So head on down with your whole bridal party for a fun filled day of wedding planning. You’ll get serious planning done while having a great day out with the girlfriends. You won’t regret it!


Gordana Sermek - Bridal Shop
Fushold - Wedding 
The National Wedding Show